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1938 Pilot Béla Tardos                                                                              1941 Farkasshegy katapult

Foto's Aero Archiv Mitter Imre Budapest

The Grunau Baby in Hungary. Compiled by Imre Mitter

The Grunau Baby IIa gliders were made in Hungary in licence. Four Grunau Babies IIa were bought from Germany in 1944 by the Hungarian Railways "Sport Gliders"Association. One of these was burnt in Farkashegy and another one diappeared during the war. The other two remained damaged, but only HA-3107 was repaired. This glider crashed totally in 1952, because the airbrakes had been permanently opened. In spite of the serious damage, the pilot János Márkus, got out of the accident uninjured. Owner was the MÁU.Sp.Egv aeroclub 1944 - 1952

The "Wolf" was granted by Wolf Hirth to the Scout Gliders Association, after he had crashed one of their Babies in Mátyásföld in 1936.

  Type Old reg. New reg. Name Club Used in
1. Grunau Baby IIa C-0301 HA-3001 Szčkesfekervičr MAVAERO 1934 -1944
2. Grunau Baby IIa C-1201 HA-3002 Villám BSzKRT 1934 - 1948
3. Grunau Baby IIa C-0104 HA-3003 Csaba NOVERO 1934 -39
4. Grunau Baby IIa C-0402 HA-3004 Bendeguz Cserkčsz 1935 -1945
5. Grunau Baby IIa C-0403 HA-3005 Kasszián Cserkčsz 1935 -1945
6. Wolf Gö2 C-0404 HA-3006   Cserkčsz 1937 -1948
7. Grunau Baby IIa C-0601 HA-3007 Elöre Ezermester 1935 -?
8. Grunau Baby IIa   HA-3008   Gyôngyôs 1934 -?
9. Grunau Baby IIa C-0701 HA-3010 Ózd Ózd-i Cserk rep 1938 -1949
10. Grunau Baby IIb   HA-3107 Baby MAU.Sp.Egy 1944 -1952
11. Grunau Baby IIb   HA-3108   MAU.Sp.Egy 1944 -1947
12. Grunau Baby IIb   HA-3109   MAU.Sp.Egy 1944 -?
13. Grunau Baby IIb   HA-3110   MAU.Sp.Egy 1944 -?

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