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The complete list of 

Danish Grunau Baby gliders by Niels Ebbe Gjørup

 The list includes 59 gliders up to 2005 and is sorted according to the latest Danish registration of each individual glider while previous (-) and subsequent [-] identities are indicated in brackets.  Abbrevations: FG: Flying Group, FK: Flying Club, SK: Gliding Club, HFV: Army Airborne Troops Factory.

 Grunau Baby gliders existing in Denmark:

 Model                   Registrations                   Names              Manufacturer                       c/n                   Year                Condition                   Present owners   

IIb                           OY-AAX                   “Diesella”            HFV, Copenhagen              124-7                1943                Complete             Gjørup & Knudsen, Viborg

                                (OY-49)                     (“Zefyr”)

IIa-b                        OY-ABX                                                 P. Buchwald-Rasmussen,      (nil)                  1946                Display                  Tekn. Museum, Helsingør

                                (OY-87)                                                   Ringsted

IIa-b                        OY-ACX                                                P. Buchwald-Rasmussen,         (nil)                  1950                Complete             Carlsen, Nykøbing Falster

                                (OY-122)                                                 Ringsted

IIb                           OY-AUX                                                Polytek. FG, Copenhagen        PFG.8                1947                Display                  DK Veteranflys., Stauning

IIb                           OY-AXB                                                JY-FLY, Aalborg                           1                     1947                Complete             Laursen, Ørum, Djursland

IIb                           OY-AXE                “Avon”                    A/S Dansk Aero, Buddinge        DA.3                1948                Airworthy                Thorsmark, Charlottenlund

IIb                           OY-AXK                                                Esbjerg SK, Esbjerg             III                             1950                Complete                Mørkenborg, Odense

IIb                           OY-AXN                                                A/S Dansk Aero, Søborg          DA.12                1951                Complete             DK Svæveflyvehistorisk Kl.

IIb                           OY-AXO                ”Hugo Holm”            Esbjerg SK, Esbjerg              3                             1946                Airworthy              DK Svæveflyvehistorisk Kl.

                                (OY-93)                  “Cumulus”

IIb                           OY-BCX                                                Randers SK, Randers             2                             1949                Airworthy              Jyde, Holbæk


IIb                           OY-BUX                “Horsens             Polytek. FG, Copenhagen       PFG.9                1948                Complete                Jørgensen, Aalborg


II                              OY-DAX                “Kronjyden”                Silkeborg FK, Silkeborg     2                             1939                Complete             Tekn. Museum, Helsingør


IIb                           OY-DXI                                                Stamgruppen, Copenhagen         3                             1946                Incomplete          Gjørup, Viborg

IIb                           OY-VAX                                                SK ”Heden”, Hedehusene       (nil)                         1945                Airworthy                Christoffersen, Rønnede


IIb                           OY-XEN                                                (SK) Ahlen, Germany            1                             1954                Complete                Odderskov, Farsø



IIb                           SV-5                                                      HFV, Copenhagen                             122-5                1942                Incomplete          Gjørup, Viborg

                                [ WL-XI-47 ]

                                [ LN+ST ]

                    [ VN148 ]

                   [ (BGA2400/DUW) ]

IIb                           Z-943                                                 Polytek. FG, Copenhagen                PFG.7                1950                Complete             DK Svæveflyvehistorisk Kl.


IIb                           Z-945                                                 A/S Dansk Aero, Søborg                  (-)                            1947                Complete                Hillersborg, Holstebro


 Danish Grunau Baby gliders existing abroad:

 Model                   Registrations   Names           Manufacturer                                 c/n          Year      Condition                   Present owners  


IIb                           OY-ADX      “Ivand II”           HFV, Copenhagen                                       125-8                1943                Airworthy              S Veteransällskap Sweden

                                (OY-50)                  (“Æolos”)

                        [ SE-SML ]    

IIb                           OY-AXA         “Cimbren”        (Stamgruppen), Copenhagen                4                             1947                Incomplete          Fly Museum, Sola, Norway

                                [ LN-GGH ]     

 Lost Danish Grunau Baby gliders:

 Model                   Registrations   Names           Manufacturer                                 c/n          Year                                                          1st owner            


IIa                           OY-25           “Lønstrup”      E. Schneider, Grunau                  1531                1939                                                     SK “Aviator”, Aalborg

IIa                           OY-26                                    E. Schneider, Grunau                  1531?                1939                                                     St. Petri School, Copenhg.

II                              OY-40          “Venesta”          Ulrik Birch, Kastrup                  (nil)                    1933                                                     Ulrik Birch, Kastrup, Cph.


IIa                           OY-44                                     E. Ploug Hansen, Hastrup                (nil)                         1942                                                     Slagelse SK, Slagelse

                        [ LN-GGR ]

IIb                           OY-51                ”Glenten”        HFV, Copenhagen                                       126-8                1943                                 Dansk Svæveflyver Union


IIa                           OY-110                                     SK “Aviator”, Aalborg                                 (nil)                         1947                                        SK ”Aviator”, Aalborg

IIb                           OY-111                                      Roskilde SK, Roskilde                        (nil)                         1947                                        Roskilde SK, Roskilde

IIb                           OY-AHX          “Laawise”            Aarhus SK, Aarhus                     2                             1946                                                     Aarhus SK, Aarhus


IIb                           OY-AXC                “Bambi”           JY-FLY, Aalborg                          2                             1947                                                     Midtjysk FK, Herning

IIa                           OY-AXD                                        Nykøbing Falster SK                     1                             1948                                               Nykøbing Falster SK


IIb                           OY-AXF                                       A/S Dansk Aero, Søborg                  DA.4                1948                                                     Slagelse SK, Slagelse

                                [ LN-GGO ]     

IIb                           OY-AXG                                      A/S Dansk Aero, Søborg                  DA.5                1948                                                     Birkerød FK, Birkerød

IIb                           OY-AXI                   “Politiken”            Grum-Schwensen, Allerød   1                             1948                                                     V. Grum-Schwensens FK

IIb                           OY-AXL                “Mågen”                 (Stamgruppen) Copenhagen                5                50                                                     SK “Aviator”, Aalborg

IIb                           OY-BBX                                                Birkerød FK, Birkerød                         (nil)                         1945                                      Birkerød FK, Birkerød


IIb                           OY-BDX                                                Køge SK, Hastrup                            nil)                         1946                                                   Køge SK, Køge


IIb                           OY-BMX                                            AB Flygplan, Sweden                 026                         1942                                                     Holbæk FK, Holbæk


IIb                           OY-BXX                                                SK Bad Meinberg, Germany                108-49                1955                                             FK Als, Sønderborg


IIb                           OY-CUX                                                Polytek. FG, Copenhagen                PFG.10                1948                                        Dansk Svæveflyver Union

IIb                           OY-DUX                                                HFV, Copenhagen                                       128-10                1943                              Dansk Svæveflyver Union

                                (OY-53)                  (“Høgen”)

III                             OY-DXJ                                              SK Wiesbaden, Germany                               E-1                         1953                                 SK Bornholm af 1959



IIb                           OY-DXO                                                HFV, Copenhagen                                       127-9                1943                                Dansk Svæveflyver Union

                                (OY-52)                  (“Falken”)                              

IIb                           OY-DXY                                                Næstved SK, Næstved                        3                             1950                                        Næstved SK, Næstved


IIb                           OY-DXZ                                                JY-FLY, Aalborg                                                 4                             1948                             Danish Air Force



IIb                           OY-VIX                                              Viborg SK, Viborg                                            (nil)                         1947                                      Viborg SK, Viborg

                                (OY-103)                (“Jacob”)

IIb                           OY-XAF                                                 Polytek. FG, Copenhagen                PFG.15                1959                                       Polyteknisk FG, Copenh.

III                             OY-XAT                                                SK Werdohl, Germany                               4                             1958                                  Vestjysk SK, Esbjerg


IIb                           OY-XAX                                                Polytek. FG, Copenhagen                PFG.5                1946                                        Polyteknisk FG, Copenh.

III                             OY-XBC                                                SK Kelheim, Germany                    1                             1952                                      Nordjysk S Frederikshavn



                                [ D-…. ]

IIb                           OY-XEX                                                Polytek. FG, Copenhagen                PFG.6                1947                                         Polyteknisk FG, Copenh.

IIb                           OY-XYX                                                Sportsflyveklubben Copenh.                (nil)                         1945                               Sportsflyveklubben, Cph.

                                (OY-82)                  (“Spaanen”)

IIb                           SV-1                                                                E. Schneider, Grunau                  (-)-1                        1941                        DK Army Airborne Troops

                                [ WL-XI-.. ]                              

IIb                           SV-2                                                               E. Schneider, Grunau                  (-)-2                        1941                     DK Army Airborne Troops

                                [ WL-XI-.. ]               

IIb                           SV-3                                                               HFV, Copenhagen                                       120-3                1942                       DK Army Airborne Troops

                                [ WL-XI-.. ]

                                [ LN+SR ]

                                [ CF-ZBD ]

IIb                           SV-4                                                     HFV, Copenhagen                                       121-4                1942                                   DK Army Airborne Troops 

                                [ WL-XI-46 ]

                                [ LN+SS ]

                                [ VT 762 ]

IIb                           SV-6                                                   HFV, Copenhagen                                       123-6                1942                                 DK Army Airborne Troops

                                [ WL-XI-.. ]

IIb                           Z-941                                                     JY-FLY, Aalborg                               3                             1948                                  Danish Air Force

IIb                           Z-944                                                 E. Schneider, Grunau                  002735                1942                                                     Stamgruppen, Copenh.


IIb                           Z-946                                                                    Grum-Schwensen, Allerød   2                             1952                                                     Danish Air Force